Manipulating string from CD-text to conform to CDDB style

“Interactive is overstated”  -Aixa Ardín

I am using the ABCDE encoder in Ubuntu to finally digitalize my cd collection into flac files that are replaygain-ed.  Since many of my cd’s are from Spanish language country procedence they are either not available at CDDB or have accents and other special characters in the text that will be used for tagging the tracks.  When CDDB data is not found ABCDE goes to find the CD-Text data included in the CD. The problems I have encountered with ABCDE doing this CD-Text reading are:

  1. The accents and quotes generate invalid encoding problems
  2. The disc information in CD-Text for ARTIST and ALBUMTITLE does not conform to CDDB style and this affects both later tagging and directory naming.
  3. Because of #2 replaygain will not work correctly from within abcde
  4. Optional: figure out a way to disable cddb data retrieval and force cd-text reading within the script when cddb data is way off. (This happens with many international cds)
  5. Year and genre must be edited-in in nano. Is this because they are not included in the cd-text info or because they are not processed?
  6. #2 problem also occurs with multiple artist cds on occasions and the pattern is not one of the 7 patterns offered by abcde to format the information.
  • Replaygain action does not activate but maybe I just have my config file incorrectly setup for this.


I have worked many hours trying to solve these problems. The solutions will be included on my own copy of the ‘abcde’  script in /usr/bin now named ‘abcdef’. My solutions do not aim to be elegant or optimized for either resources or speed.  On this post I will share a script that will try to solve #2 above. Sigue leyendo